Lentil Arugula Soup

In Celebration of
International Year of the Pulses

Year of the Bean
Blog Roll


My blog buddy, Robbie of Palm Rae Urban Potager, starts us off with a beautiful essay on the benefits of beans

Cherie Langlois gets passionate about pulses.

Poet Claudia McGill puts her plates in their place.

Janice from On the Land covers beans from top to bottom.

Karina of Murtaugh’s Meadow shows us how they grow.

Mek of 10,000 Hours Left shares how beans make sense (& cents!)

June Thompson cooks that Southern classic black-eyed skillet peas!

Rachel Falco provides a how-to on growing peas
(hardshell peas are pulses, doncha know!)

Jenny Spencer doubles down with chickpeas & lentils

Kathy Sturr paints lovely pulse portraits

And my post on the pleasures of dry vs. canned found here.

Photo copyright 2016, Lori Fontanes