If you want information on housing chickens, backyard or otherwise, a simple web search turns up quite a bit.  Where to buy a coop, what to feed ‘em and when, what to do if they’re broody, moody or just a bit odd.  Acquiring an actual set-up just for ducks or attempting to build the same, prepare to dig deeper.  After several hours of confounding on-line research, I ordered Holderread’s classic tome, “Raising Ducks” then rather waiting for the mail to come, I kept browsing.  Maybe I could find someone in the poultry community who could help.

Clicking around, I came up with the idea of taking my daughter to Stone Barns Center, the agri-chic model farm in nearby Pocantico Hills, NY where we could pay $14 for the fun of plucking eggs from under a bunch of chicken butts.  (That’s $14 for both of us, btw.)  If the name rings a bell, maybe it’s because that’s where First Lady Michelle Obama made her now-famous announcement launching her campaign against childhood obesity.  Like I said, why not start at the top?

Although we had already ordered our birds, we were well within the cancellation period so I thought it might be a good idea to see how well Pamela and poultry actually performed.  Overkill?  Perhaps.  But I’m a part of the generation that had to go to a local hospital to have someone show me how to diaper a baby (don’t laugh—the classes, in Westside L.A., were packed.)  So the way my mind works, Want an Egg?  Find an Expert! (Thought I was gonna to say, Eggspert, weren’t you? Ha!)  Living in suburbia, I figured I had a choice: drive a few painful hours to/from Brooklyn or hop on the 287 to a town in idyllic lower Westchester a mere 30 minutes by freeway….ok, it’s official.  I’m a suburbanite! (sigh)

Copyright 2012, Lori Fontanes