Hey, no photos!


1.  They stretch and yawn like cats. They also have claws(!).

2.  They can be herded.  (Unlike cats.)

3.  They grow incredibly fast.  You can see differences overnight.

4.  They instantly recognize the color green as something good (to eat).

5.  They don’t absolutely need to live on water.

6.  Not all ducks can or prefer to fly.

7.  One is definitely the loneliest number for a duck.

8.  They do almost everything in a group.*

Are you looking at what I’m looking at?


9.  It takes a while before they can quack.

10.  They really do poop a lot.

*I have now corrected my previous use in this blog of the term “bevy” for a group of ducks.  Somewhere in my early research I read that this was an appropriate term but apparently not.  😦 !  There are various names depending on whether the ducks are on land, water or in the air.  I will do my best to use them (accurately) in future entries!


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