Blogger’s Note:  This is a first-person “interview” with Gladys, the Welsh Harlequin, as quacked to Pamela Rosenburgh, age 10 ½.  Edited by Mama.

I get up in the morning, early.  There’s a duck next to me.  And one just pooped.  I realize I just laid in it.

I hear [Mama] coming to the garage.  I run as fast I can to the food.  I get a drink of water so it doesn’t get stuck in my throat.

After breakfast, a group of ducks and I play tag.  I am “it”.  I chase them all and I manage to get Peep.  Peep runs after both the Cayugas who peep and quack loudly.  They “duck” behind me.  [giggle]

Me and the Cayugas run behind Puff…she’s the biggest and there’s more cover.  Puff gets tagged and heads for us.  I hear the door open, we turn around and there’s Pamela.  I realize that we have played tag for so long it’s time for Pamela to come check on us.

She says, “hi, duckies!”  She reaches to pet me and it feels so soothing.  Then I get up because I want a drink of water.  I’m thirsty after playing tag!

After Pamela leaves, we all get together and resume our game.  We play all the way until it’s time to go outside.  Pamela steps into the pen with the cage.  I’m her next victim since I’m the closest.  Maybe I’m exaggerating by saying “victim”.  I want to go outside so I can swim.

I get pushed [gently] into the cage along with Puff.  [Pamela, not Puff!] locks the door and carries us out and sets us onto the ground.  I hear a shrill peep and quack.  Fanny and Peep go into the next cage.  Pamela takes our cage and we head out.

I hear the shrill peep of Bonnie crying for her sister.  I squirm in the cage as Puff lands on me.  I let out a very high, shrill peep.  Puff gets off me.

We finally come to a landing inside the pen and get let out into the sweet grass.  Pamela goes away to retrieve Bonnie.  We know she’s coming close when we hear her peeping, calling to her companions [us!].  She gets set down and all of us surround her and shower her with love.  She says it was super-scary without you guys. Then Pamela and her mom fill up the tub and we all play water tag.

This is how it works:

You go into the water and one person is “it”.  The “it” goes after the other ducks and when you get touched, you’re frozen.  The only way you can get free is if the other ducks push you onto land.  The goal for the tagger is to get everyone frozen.

We do this until it’s time to go back to the indoor pen.  Then we yawn and beg for food.  Pamela feeds us.  And then everyone else falls asleep.

I close my eyes and listen to the crickets chirping and the soft breeze.  I cuddle next to me companions.  Their warmth helps me fall asleep.





Text & photos copyright 2012, Pamela Rosenburgh