Shipping & handling

Reference books

Feed, various types; grit; oyster shell

Temporary pen, materials and assembly by handyman

Veterinarian visits (3, so far, one duck)

Lead-free hoses, nozzle and connector

Coop & extended pen

Plastic poultry netting, assorted, with poles

Anti-raccoon hardware cloth

Brooder kit with waterer and feeder

Second waterer (same size)

Larger waterer (2)

Largest waterer

Rubber bowls in 3 sizes (4)

Metal bowl for water overflow

Kiddie pool

Bedding material, numerous bags

Grilles for water and food bowls

Sheep foot bath

Poultry carrier

Automatic waterer

Automatic bootie dispenser with refills

Disposable gloves

Antiseptic wipes, soap, hand gel

Metal cans for feed storage (2)

Bungee cords to secure cans

Extra clips to secure pen

Grand Total: ???

The true value of five ducks quacking hello as soon as they see you: Priceless!

*Approximate cost, multiplied by five ducks.  Requesting female gender, unusual breeds–a couple bucks more.


Text copyright 2012, Lori Fontanes
Photos by Pamela Rosenburgh