It’s been seven years since I bought a new camera and decades (yikes!) since I got one with interchangeable lenses.  Despite that, I remember well the pleasure in capturing a subject with exactly the right focal length vs. grabbing everything with a basic 50mm lens.*  Digital photography blossomed while I puttered in the garden of life so I took the sage advice of my tech maven friend, Laura, rather than attempting to unravel the research on my own.  She advocated for the Panasonic Lumix system, specifically with the “G X” version of  its crisp and lovely lenses.  This new generation camera uses  Micro Four Thirds technology to achieve fabulous results in a smaller and lighter package.  You may have noticed a difference in the past few posts when I switched from my old Casio Exilim point-and-shoot (now in Pamela’s possession–watch out!).  Still working through the menus but so glad I upgraded.  Thanks, duckies, for giving me a reason to do it!

Note: All photos shot with Lumix GX Vario 45-175.


Detail of Peep’s gorgeous plumage.


Robin loves the maze–another place to perform.


Abandoned nest probably found by a gardener.


No buts about it, our ducks are cute…!


*Still have soft spot in my heart for my first SLR, the Canon AE-1.

Copyright 2012, Lori Fontanes