The moment I’ve been waiting for since April finally arrived today: I cleaned up my lawnmower and put it to bed.  Yay!!!*

But, sheez louie, that’s over six months of lawn maintenance this year.  If milder winters and extended springs mean an extra month or two of mowing, it’s definitely time to step up my Lawn Conversion Program.  I mean, exercise is one thing (I use a push mower) but extremism is another.  OK, it’s true I didn’t actually mow the lawn every one of those weeks.  For example, we had to resort to hiring other people in the dog days when we were either a) out of town or b) didn’t want to risk heatstroke.  But I had to think about the lawn no matter who actually did the mowing.

And to my way of thinking, that’s bad enough.




*Folks around here who use professional gardeners did this in October but I’m a PLP, Professional Lawn Procrastinator.


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