Okay, folks!  Ready to make some resolutions that go beyond hitting the gym and cleaning the closet?** As regular readers know, I certainly don’t shrink from tackling tough issues*** but if Hurricane Sandy showed me anything, time to stop quacking and start cracking!

In looking for new solutions to big ol’ problems, I thought perhaps a peek at the animal kingdom (or, at least, the part comprised by my backyard!) could yield some useful ideas.  So, this year, how about looking at the world from a different perspective, say, as a duck would?  (Of course, this means seeing things from about 12 inches off the ground and without binocular vision but what the ducks!!!)  Waterfowl have a way of getting right to the heart of any issue. (Can I eat it?  Will it eat me?)  Since it seems that humans have just about lost the knack of knowing what will keep them healthy and alive, maybe it’s time to turn to Gladys & Co. to find out what’s really important (and/or tasty):

1. Stop and smell the leaf pile.
All the good stuff is underneath—you gotta dig for it.

2. Quack louder.
Speak up, speak out.  Be a bird that’s heard.

3. Get muddy.
It’s dirty work but we all gotta do it.

4. Give every day.
Give an egg…then keep on giving.

5. Snuggle more.
We’re in this together.

Gladys loves Fannie...and all her sisters.

Happy 2013, peeps!

*Not the Chinese calendar–or the Mayan, for that matter.
**Laudable goals, not that I would know.
***Just see any of my posts on the environment or technology!

Copyright 2013, Lori Fontanes