Some clerk in the Department of Weather must be trying to make a phool out of Phil.   Less than 24 hours after the celebrated groundhog predicts Winter Is On the Way Out, here comes (more) snow.  Now don’t get me wrong: our local prognosticating rodents (the well-fed ground squirrels and Who Me, Hibernate? Eastern cottontails) made the same, albeit untelevised, claims.  Yup, all agree that spring is right around the corner…

…but, first, a little more of the white stuff for your 2012-2013 shoveling quota!






For more phascinating phacts about Phil, et. al.

NOAA (U.S. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) did a fun/wonky chart showing Punxsutawney Phil’s record vs. actual temps. compares the famous and not-so-famous rodents and their claims.


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