“It can’t snow–I already put the shovels away!” I blithely told the guys at the pizzeria yesterday.


OK, so maybe I am part groundhog (and, come to think of it, I am from Pennsylvania!) but I really really really didn’t think winter would wallop us again.  What the ducks!!!  This isn’t North Dakota (or Boston)!  What’s up with this gotcha glazing?  Was it something I blogged???!*

Alright.  Let’s  look at the Top Five Reasons why it can’t possibly be snowing right now:

5.  I finally changed my front door mat from Rudolph to the Easter Bunny.
4.  Ducks already molting; cats already shedding. (Pass the vacuum!)
3.  Daylight Savings Time starts this weekend—no snowmen ordinance in effect.
2.  Tulips do not have fur coats.
1.  It’s Spring Break next week—bikinis and snowdrifts don’t mix.

So, you see, I must be dreaming.**  (Or this blizzard is just a figment of our weatherperson’s imagination!)***  Well, maybe I should roll with it.  I’m sure if I squint real hard, all that shiny stuff out there will look just like a bright sandy beach, right?

Hey, somebody pass the sunblock!




**Of a white Easter?
***Yes, you’ve entered the Twilight Zone.


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