It can’t be April yet—I’m not even done my checklist for March!  (Or February or January…)  The desk looks like a Post-It® factory exploded so (way) past time to organize the organizing.

Here’s my current To Do List:

–Order organic seed potatoes and more Smart Bags from Wood Prairie Farm.  ✔

–Replace soil in planters post-Super Storm Sandy.

–Add at least two new raised beds. (Less lawn, less mowing!)  Ordered

–Move hay bales and consider converting to above-ground planters.

–Research then possibly enhance/replace existing watering system.

–Add bedding from winter pen to ornamental beds, work into soil.  In process

–Plant spring seeds; tent as needed.  Seeds bought/ordered

–Rake pine chips and needles from lawn; re-seed and protect from birds.  (That means you, too, duckies!)

–Lay out new pumpkin bed with better air circulation, more space to spread.

Probably the most time-consuming task still before me:  installing the new in-ground pool with Jacuzzi and fly-up bar for migrating waterfowl.  Each feathered visitor will be offered Wi-Fi headsets so they can re-calibrate their GPS systems before heading back to the jet stream.  Pretty cushy, right?*




* 😉

Copyright: Photos, Pamela Rosenburgh, 2012; text, Lori Fontanes, 2013.