Forget something?


It’s been exactly one year since we got the call from the post office to come pick up the ducks.

One year equals three hundred-sixty-five days of caring for five small creatures who need kibble, water, occasional vet care, lots of clean bedding, safety and companionship.  Creatures who get up with the sun (and the sun can get up pretty early these days…*sigh*), who need space to roam, special care in extreme weather and someone to tidy up after them.  Creatures with prodigious post-food outputs, boundless curiosity, copious downy castoffs (especially during molting season) and vocal capabilities at occasionally inconvenient times and volumes.  They do eat bugs, keep the lawn green (when they’re not converting it to a mud bath) and charm the heck out of everyone.*

As pets, ducks can live seven or more  years.  (Yikes!)  But before your spouse** starts adding up the expenses, remember this.  As much as raising ducks may cost over time, don’t try to calculate the rate of return*** in dollars.

Ducks pay back in love notes.




*Some people eat the eggs, too.
**Okay, my spouse.
***According to my husband, the DROI or Duck Rate of Investment is a negative number.  (Awww, he doesn’t really mean that…!)

Copyright: photos 2012, Lori Fontanes and Pamela Rosenburgh; text, Lori Fontanes.