HarvestWoo-hoo!  We did it!  We did it!  Oh yeah, love apples, finally, at last, uh huh!


Sooooooo, we got twelve whole tomatoes this time.  Okay, not a crazy big harvest but compared to my usual number—zero!—pretty spectacular.  And, yes, it’s true that some blight or other did eventually wither the vines and several fruits did succumb during the July heat wave but many of the other tomatoes (good job!) simply toughed it out.  (We also lost a bunch to raccoon and/or squirrel but that was to be expected.)  So, all in all, a thoroughly satisfying experience with the non-deadly nightshade family this season.

Now, if you don’t mind, please excuse us while the pommes d’amour and I go make beautiful music together in the most loveable room in the house.

That’s right—the kitchen.






Special thanks again to fellow organic gardener/blogger Christienne Leigh Hinz for her timely tips!


Author’s note:  This blog post delayed from last month due to the untimely passing of our dear duck, Peep.  We actually harvested the tomatoes at the end of July.  They *were* delish!


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