BumperStickerDriving without a head apparently not a problem in Tarrytown area.


RustedFenceFences around cemeteries: for keeping people out, right?


OldDutchChurchSanctuary…if you can make it across the bridge in time.  Bwwaaahhaaaaaa!


LandmarkSignNot taking any chances, we got here well before midnight.


GraveplotRest in peace, Mr. Irving!  And thanks for the shivers down the years.




For more info on Sleepy Hollow cemetery and its spooky tours:


For wacky contempo take on the classic tale, see:


PS, now you see why we live on the other side of the county!
PPS, telling you about the Fox hit show in case you’ve just woken up from
a long sleep like, er, Rip Van Winkle or something…


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