HawkEyedCan you spot the danger lurking in snowy branches?

We kept the ducks penned up for a few days recently as we waited for this Cooper’s hawk to (hopefully) move along.  S/he’s one of a pair that has been hanging out in the neighborhood and I’d hoped the storm would deter them but, alas, they’ve still got our yard on GPS.  It’s been a long, ice-coated winter so the raptors may be left with only feeder birds to hunt since much of their regular prey is either hibernating or just plain hiding.

Yet another complication to a thoroughly challenging cold season!  The ducks have been troupers but we’re getting a bit weary, I must say.  Keeping fingers crossed that the hawks will take off for easier pickings.

But they’re probably pretty patient.

And hungry.



Copyright 2014, Lori Fontanes