SwanFamilyWe spoke, we wrote, we made a difference.  According to the NY Times, the Department of Environmental Conservation will now “revisit” the issue of mass swan elimination.  Cue big sigh of relief.


Of course, mute swans can’t talk, let alone sing but if they did I’m sure they’d be chirping that irresistible Pharrell Williams song right about now.  Cuz, I’m happy da da da I’m haaaapppppy...oops, sorry.  Went down Glee Street for a minute.  Where was I?

Right.  The plan.  Well, it’s probably not over yet–there’s gonna be another review process with more chance for public input– but this is a good first step.  And so today I think I’ll let the elegant waterfowl have the (almost) last word.  Go ahead, big girl:



Wasn’t that a quote from…oh, well, nevahmind….



My letter to the editor published in the Times:



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