Why the ducks are we so tough on dandelions? I mean, yes, they’re hardy and prolific but, ya know, is it really something to get so worked up about? When we’ve got the problems we’ve got–and that’s just this morning!–what’s the big deal about a cheerful little plant? All right. So you don’t want them to take over the whole lawn. That’s fine. That’s reasonable. But you don’t have to annihilate the backyard biosphere to tackle some pesky so-called weeds. Here’s my three-step program for dandelion domination:

1) Don’t let them get out of control. (This is more difficult if your neighbors are not on the program. More difficult but not impossible.)

2) Use a Grandpa’s Weeder (or similar tool) as soon as you notice a yellow flower. In high season, you might want to take a walk every couple of days and hunt them out. It’s easy and fun. And you get away from the computer a teensy bit.

3) Repeat as needed until first frost.  (Southern states may need to keep going.)

Oh, and if you have a little kid in your household, you *need* to get to the flowers before they go to seed. Even big kids might have trouble resisting those fluffy  heads!*



*Yes, I mean me… 😉


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