ChiveB2Yes, it’s my fault you can’t get that Bee Gees* song out of your head today.

And by the way, have you ever eaten a chive blossom? Did you know you can eat chive blossoms? I didn’t even think to think the flowers were edible** back when I first started growing my own chives.  For years I’ve been letting those purply packages of flavor sensation go to seed. Or to squirrels.

What a waste of a tasty!

Last month, for some strange reason, I looked at the floral firecrackers and thought, wonder if I can eat them?  Then I remembered reading something about putting the buds into butter. Hmm, which blogger said that? And if they did say that, does that mean you can eat them?

So I guess the chives were talkin’ after all.  They said, “Eat me!”




Chive vinegar in process



*Ancient pop song from pre-Interwebz dayz.

**I’m an extremely cautious eater–not the foraging type.


Note: I used a Martha Stewart recipe.  Couldn’t find the original recipe for chive butter but another Word Press blogger, Words & Herbs, made this.


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