We’ve used so many bags of Canadian potting soil over the years I’m afraid Ottawa might try to open an embassy in my backyard.

Might also explain why the geese have been circling.

Ever since I decided to rip out much of the lawn and attempt something more useful, our suburban home has become a popular destination for local wildlife.  (All of it.)  You see, traditional lawns are really a monoculture supporting only one crop, grass.  But if you grow more than Just Grass, you can create a durable polyculture hosting all kinds of animals, plants, micro-organisms and lots and lots of bugs.


Plus, it’s pretty easy (and cheap!) to maintain a beautiful lawn of grasses, clovers, various wildflowers and a motley selection of what Big Chem calls weeds. About half of my backyard is still grass-centered but every growing season, I chip away at that percentage a few more points. Since paving over is *not* an option (or a pool–sorry, guys!), we here at What the Ducks! chose to grow other things instead. What sort of things?  Hmm, how about anything and everything?!

Freed from the concept of grass domination, it turns out you can do all kinds of tasty. Which brings me back to that whole “Canada in a bag” concept. After we add each new raised bed or kitchen planter, we fill it with biome-friendly materials. And we’ve had really good luck with an organic brand our local nursery sells which just happens to be made (dug? grown? bagged?) in Canada.

So, yeah, I guess we do have a little bit of Canada out back.

Please don’t tell the geese.



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