WinterMornEvery day is Groundhog Day at our house.


Now that we’ve got a cute and oh-so-clever woodchuck that set up digs (literally) in the backyard, I guess I know how Bill Murray must have felt.  That is, if I were a guy and a weather forecaster and ended up with Andie MacDowell.

Okay, so, actually, I have no idea how Bill Murray felt.

Instead, I know how it feels to chase an ever-expanding furry varmint out of the radish patch, off the clover, away from the duck feeder and, always, eventually, back under the deck. I’ve shouted, slammed doors, tiptoed to windows, built poultry-fencing obstacle courses in front of its lair and still it returns. Do not suggest moving my office outside. I’ve thought of that. Too far from the coffee pot.

Well, maybe I should just take it as a compliment. After all, isn’t his/her residency a kind of rodent “like” or critter “thumbs up”? Isn’t this burrowing creature basically declaring that we’ve got the tastiest yard on the block? Hey, it’s kinda like the groundhog equivalent of a Michelin star, right?


Wonder what I have to plant this year to get that second star…



 backyardchuckWhat the Ducks! Chuck’s prediction:
Spring is just around the corner!

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