XCU Purple CrocusYou wait all winter for never-coming spring and then, like love in a John Green novel, it happens all at once.*

Those scribbled lists: to-do, to-order, to-clean, to-fix? Too late! If you didn’t order parts by February, April takes you by surprise. Never mind you couldn’t reach the icy beds to take proper measurements; your spring crops will have to do without those nifty British fruit cages. (Maybe for summer?)

Your desk looks like the aftermath of a Post-It party and there’s an urgent need for triage in your overloaded calendar. Why do we have to prep taxes when garden beds are calling? Can’t dust bunnies huddle a little bit longer? Wouldn’t you rather be outside, hands in soil, straightening snow-spavined fences, pulling up last year’s memories, sowing new stories in the wet, cold, waiting earth.


Those dishes can sit.




*In “A Fault in Their Stars”,  Green makes the comparison that falling in love is like falling asleep but maybe spring is more like falling awake?


Copyright 2015, Lori Fontanes