To paraphrase Barry Manilow (and who better to paraphrase, really?):  Looks like she maaaade it!

A photo overview of the life of Gladys the Welsh Harlequin, still with us today, May 17, 2012, a little more than a month after her challenging start in life.


Week 1:
In their “five duck pile-up” configuration, you can see Gladys (bottom center) with the opening in her scalp.


Week 2:
Going to the vet for the third (and last, hopefully) time. Her scalp has closed up, she gets a second antibiotic shot and the “all clear” from the vet. No more visits necessary!


Week 3:
Gladys still lags behind the others in both size and other markers of development. She’s steadier on her feet but still tends to stick close to the others.


Week 4:
As Puff, the sentry, scans the skies, Gladys cuddles up to her in the corner. The big Orpington Buff seems to play a maternal role to the littlest duckling.


Week 5:
Gladys is feathering out! She’s still small but clearly thriving. The littlest duckling who thought she could… even when we weren’t so sure.


Copyright 2012, Lori Fontanes