Will the Defendants please rise?

Did you or did you not on or about a period commencing from June, 2012 to July, 2012, cause to be taken into your mouth any or all of Plaintiff’s vegetation including but not limited to Corn, Beans, Pumpkin and/or Sunflower?  Did you or did you not also or in conjunction with said ingestion of said Plant Material cause to be trampled or otherwise damage same?  This Court finds, based on a preponderance of evidence hereforth presented that the Defendants: Creampuff Buff Orpington, AKA Puff; Bonnie Cayuga, Fannie Cayuga, AKA Onondaga and Tuscarora; Peep, the Welsh Harlequin Formerly Known as Quack; and Gladys W. Harlequin, AKA Ouack are Guilty as Charged.

This Court, however, declines to sentence Defendants because they are so darned cute.



One of the scenes of the crime.

Lead me not into temptation…

Too late…I’m there!

Just one little nibble.

Guilt loves company.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye out.

Uh, guys…


Copyright 2012, Lori Fontanes