Finally, something in my garden that the ducks like but I won’t even touch!*



It started the other day when I offered the usual kibble and they pushed past me to get their bills in the lawn instead.  Apparently, the girls figured out that the pH content of our soil combined with sprinkler action in the wee hours of the morning provided a forest of fungi just in time for breakfast.  How can they tell (Mother Nature?) which are safe to eat?!  Have no idea and, as you can see in the video, it would be tough to stop them (and just try eradicating wild mushrooms from your lawn…ok, I’ll wait.)  As I never ever ever ever go near any but pizza-ready mushrooms, the ducks are more than welcome to them.

They might have to arm-wrestle the squirrels, though.


Technical notes: Footage shot with my new Lumix (just tried video feature for first time yesterday!) and imported into the latest iteration of iMovie, which I’ve also never used before.  Yikes!  I sure missed good ol’ Final Cut Pro but realistically, the integration features for uploading, compression and webcasting are probably sufficient.** Since we’ve got a backlog of baby duck footage from the old Casio I just wish the Editing Fairy would show up soon.***


*Some folks like to forage, I do not.  Even ordering “wild mushrooms” in strange restaurants gives me pause.

**Maybe if I actually read the instructions instead of intuiting my way through, you might see a few more moving images on What the Ducks!  Or not…

***The Tooth Fairy moonlights, did you know that?


Copyright 2012, Lori Fontanes