A couple years ago, I heard Michael Pollan speak about how important it was to eat food that would eventually rot.  An odd emphasis, perhaps, but both funny and true.*  It stuck with me.  And now as I watch our ducks eagerly bill their way through the pumpkin detritus, I see the instant value of letting things take their natural course.  In the spring (just around the corner, doncha know!), we’ll reap the benefits of decayed veggies and, er, duck-related products.  Plant, grow, harvest, replenish.  Or as (Sir) Paul McCartney** sang:  “Live and let die.”

Then live again.


*Popular science fair exhibit: Leave a packaged snack on the counter next to a vegetable or fruit.  See how long it takes for each of them to go rotten.  (Don’t worry; we’ll wait.)
**Paul McCartney & Wings.  Gotta love anything feathered, even metaphorically.


Additional reading:

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Copyright 2013, Lori Fontanes