Woodchuck POV of a fellow rodent


Day 1:         See groundhog first time. Cuss.

Day 2:         Spend most of day annoying groundhog in pitiful attempt to make it feel unwanted. Leaving cabbages unfenced does *not* support this effort.

Day 3:         Go out of town.

Days 4-7:   Convince rodent you’re not returning.

Day 8:         Come home. See groundhog again. Cuss more.

Day 9:         Continue harassment program including shouting from doors, banging on windows and playing NPR at high volume.

Day 10:       Finally search “non-toxic solutions to groundhog problems” on the Internet.

Day 11:       After night dreaming of Bill Murray and gophers, try hosing water near access hole under deck. Ignore varmint laughter.

Day 12:       Run outside and spray water around deck every time you see groundhog. Bonus: You now have a really clean deck.

Day 13:       Consider additional “non-toxic solutions” including (used) cat litter (ugh), dog fur (note to self: acquire dog), crushed garlic, and moving.

Day 14:       Notice groundhog now hanging out with rabbit and chipmunk by the cherry tomatoes.

Day 15:       Call moving company.



DeckDetailPS, this is his/her front door.
Frankly, it’s tough to get an actual photo of a woodchuck.  Even if it could chuck wood.


 Copyright 2014, Lori Fontanes