It’s hot as heck and I can’t take it anymore!!!!  Actually, home again in Westchester, it’s rather cooler than it’s been but bugs and sticky stuff persist.  We packed our bags mid-August to try and escape the swelter only to experience record-setting 100 degree temps in normally milder Paris.  (And that’s scary stuff over there.  No A/C in many places and a real health hazard for many folks.)

The worst part of weather soup is stagnant air.  We’ve lost countless veggies to the toxic combination of humidity and no wind.  I’ve seen baby pumpkins that were fine in the morning, covered in a mold by sundown and gone the next day.  Tomatoes and cucumbers succumbing to the dismals.  In the pumpkin patch, the lilacs started the powdery mildew problem but the turgid conditions wrote the sad ending.  (It also didn’t help than I penned them in too tightly to avoid the ducks.  Overcrowding is bad for people and plants.)

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of this stickiness.  Do you think it’s any cooler at the North Pole?  Get Santa on the phone and see if he needs any seasonal help.




Something rotten in the state of Pumpkinville.


Serious protection (I think.)


The one on the left already got nibbled.


The heartbreak of powdery mildew.



And check out these wacky cukes! *sigh*

Beauty is only rind-deep.  We cut into a tiny one and it smelled delicious…still haven’t dared to eat it!

One pepper to rule them all.


Or one pumpkin…


Easy, peasy…at least, we have more peas!


Copyright 2012, Lori Fontanes