ForkIntheTableIsn’t it time to stop growing food like it’s 1999?

The 21st century needs better ways to grow/cook/share/eat.  And the world can’t wait–we needed better yesterday.  So now’s the time late to start planting seeds for a tastier, healthier and, yes, more equitable food system in the future.

All this week look for my updates from the New York Times’ Food for Tomorrow conference at Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture.  Top chefs, writers, thinkers and farmers along with experts from industry, government and academia will dig into the complex topic of what to grow and how to grow it.  With 10 billion folks projected to show up for dinner by 2060, we need to talk today about feeding our tomorrow.

I’m honored to have a seat at the table.  Be there with me here at What the Ducks! or on Twitter @LoriFontanes.

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